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December Ecocentric Mom Box Review

Friday, February 5th, 2016



I love getting my Ecocentric Mom boxes! Have you heard of them? Each box contains such a different variety of stuff, it’s always neat to see what they include each month. EcoCentric Mom is a subscription box, for $24.95 you get a box once every other month, and now you can also get it once a month. They have three different types of boxes you can get: Mom Box (what I got this time), Baby and Mom Box,and the Pregnancy Box. All of these boxes are packed with eco-friendly items for you to sample.  For me though, the value in what you get is so worth it.  That’s almost the most important thing to me…am I getting my money’s worth of stuff? This month’s box was all about ME. This Christmas season for us was super tough.  My dad passed away in November, the day before Thanksgiving.  The entire season was just sad, but we still worked hard at trying to make it nice for the kids.  Even though we all missed him.

When I got this box in January, it really couldn’t have been better.  It was a pampering box that focused on helping us rejuvenate.  So whether your holidays had been a blissful whirlwind or just tough like ours was, we all could use some pampering for ourselves.  Momma’s always seem to put ourselves last!  So here’s what was in the box.





HelloMello Balance Body Oil

I don’t know about you, but in the winter my skin gets dry, rough and flakey. I get spots of eczema and it hurts!  This body oil is exactly what my dry winter skin needs. It’s soft fragrance isn’t overpowering, honesty barely noticeable which is exactly the way I like it. I put it on right after the shower so my skin just soaks it right in. It’s hand crafted made from natural ingredients. Just love. This sample size is valued at $12.




The Laughing Tree Organic Lip Balm


I’m a lip balm addict. I admit it. I need multiple lip balms just to make sure I’m not caught with out in the winter time. Pennsylvania winters can be rough, and here is another natural product that ensures that I don’t dry out! It’s a gentle lip balm with pure natural organic ingredients. So thankful this sample was included. It’s value is $3.





Smarty Pants Adult Complete and Kids Vitamins

I’m on the fence sometimes about gummy vitamins. Lots of times they are filled with food coloring, added sugar and other synthetics that really makes you wonder if you should be munching on these every day.  Not these though.  With no added sugar, you can feel good about this daily sweet treat. Sample packs for both kids and adults were included.  Yum! Sample values about $2.



Coconut Organics Coconut Chips

Coconut Organics does one thing.  Organic Coconut! They are the coconut experts and they are doing it right.  These unsweetened organic coconut chips are perfect for your paleo cooking.  They are full of fiber, and healthy fats with no added sugar or salt.  Just plain old coconut, just the way I like it. Sample value $1.50





Neelu Kaur Yogini Bliss

I posted this on Instagram earlier this week.  Possibly one of my favorite things included in this month’s box. I use this pure essential oil roller all the time.  It smells like bliss! It’s not overwhelming and it settles so nicely when it dries.  It’s not overpowering which is so important to me when it comes to fragrances.  Neelu Kaur creates these fragrances not to just smell nice, but for their aromatherapeutic benefits. It purposefully is created to give you a sense of bliss. Just right for anyone who may be blue during the winter.  Value $30



My Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge

When I first saw this, my initial thought was “What is this?!” Momma doesn’t have time for a facial. What’s a charcoal sponge. Completely new to me, these sponges are fantastic at detoxing your skin.  Use it to wash your face in the shower, it contains minerals that help eliminate harmful toxins while it exfoliates your skin. Who knew? Not this girl. This is why I love these boxes so much.   Sponge value $10.


EcoCentric Mom box did not disappoint! This box’s value is around $60, not including all the discount codes for everything included! 

Why do I love this box? It’s so convenient, and there’s always such a nice variety of stuff each month.  I love that it introduces me to new products, because really, I don’t have the time or the energy to go find stuff like this in back woods Pennsylvania.  I’d probably have to travel really far to find anything like this.

If you’re interested in getting your own box just follow this link. You can opt to have the boxes delivered once a month or every other month.  They are $24.95 a box. That includes shipping! If you do a longer subscription, there’s room for savings too.

October Ipsy Review

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014


I feel like I’m doing a marathon of Ipsy reviews lately to catch up on what has been a very fun experiment. My daughter and I started our Ipsy subscription in August.  She’s a super girly girl, and I thought for $10 a month it was an easy way to have a little bit of fun with new make up every month.  We really look forward to our Ipsy Glam bag. If you’re curious about what we got in previous months you can check here and here.

If you’ve never heard of Ipsy they are a monthly subscription. For $10 a month, they send you a beauty bag designed to your needs. You fill out a questionnaire and they send you items that best suit you each month.  I requested items for my daughter and I that matched our complexion, and requested more natural items when they are available.

First off, I have to say of all the bags…this teal bag is my absolute favorite.  We went out of town last weekend, and I packed all my little travel bits in it. I love the teal blue. The contents of the bag I was again pretty pleased with.  I’m alway glad to get a new finger nail polish, and pretty much got things I would use.  Even the lipstick…which I almost never wear lipstick I would consider using.  So here’s the run down.


The Ayres Patagonia Body Butter was a great inclusion for us.  It’s a trial size, so compared to the item I linked it’s probably about $9 worth of cream. I love having little trial sizes, because when I went out of town I brought it with me. The smell is nice, not too over powering. It’s probably one of the more natural items of the month…here’s it’s description from Amazon:

Enriched with plant emollients, herbal extracts and vitamins, this ultra rich creamy body butter provides relief from dry, rough skin. Vitamin E natural antioxidant provides protection to your skin while shea nut butter gives long-lasting hydration. Just drift away on a cool breeze of delicate jasmine and aromatic rosemary blended with lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, oakmoss, patchouli and fir. Inspired by Patagonia’s snow-capped mountains and blue lagoons, this fresh scent inspires a soothing sense of calm.

I’m not sure if I’ll be buying this again, but I’m definitely enjoying it for now.


Next is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser, which boasts being an all natural product. It has a light fragrance that reminds me of the grape flavored tooth paste I used as a kid. It says on the label to use a tiny dot…and it’s true, a little goes a long way.  I’m actually really enjoying this cleanser, even with it’s weird grapey fragrance. It’s not cheap stuff, so I’d guess the little bottle they send me is about $8 worth of their product.


The nail polish I received by Nicole Opi was a pretty gold color, named On a Gilt Trip.  It was not the type of polish I try to get, I tend to get Zoya and now thanks to last month’s bag, Pacifca’s nail polish. I actually haven’t used this nail polish yet.  Gold glitter doesn’t seem to be my thing, so I may end up giving it to a friend.  It’s value is about $5.


The lipstick…oh this lipstick.  I’m not usually a fan of lipstick.  Maybe I’m weird, but I think it tastes weird. I didn’t have this problem with Noyah’s lipstick sample. The sample is about half the size of the one for sale, hard to think it’s an $18 lipstick, but I liked it. No weird taste, and I actually really liked the color they chose for me to use.  This also claims to be a natural product. I think the overall value of this is about $9.



Last but not least is Skone’s waterproof liquid eyeliner. I don’t use liquid eyeliner ever often, but this is here just in time for Halloween for us.  As you can see, I haven’t opened it yet, so I can’t attest for how great it is, but if you ask me next week I can tell you. It’s valued at $15.

This being my third bag, I have to say overall I’m pleased with the diversity of stuff I’ve received. They are trying to stick me with as natural products as they can, but I’m thinking they could do a bit better in this category. The overall value of the items received in this bag was less than last month but still totaled around $40, so definitely worth your $10 monthly investment. We will be keeping our subscription for now, and are looking forward to our November bag!

Important Note: I am not being paid for this post, nor was I approached by Ipsy to do this review.  I purchased this bag, and reviewed it all on my own. I think this service would be great for fashion minded ladies who’d like to try new items but don’t necessarily have the time to go out and find them on their own. If you sign up for Ipsy with one of the links I provided in the post, or by clicking here I receive a credit that enables me to get more freebies. You can earn credits too once you sign up. 🙂

Ipsy Review – August

Monday, October 6th, 2014


In August just before I had my baby, I was facebooking late one night and stumbled across an advertisement for Ipsy.  I’m not big on make up, but my daughter and I enjoy having make over nights. I knew once little man arrived I would have less time to spend with her having our fun make over nights, so I thought this might be a fun monthly treat to make up for the lack of time I’d have for a while.

Ipsy is a monthly beauty box, or..bag I should say. For $10 you get samples according to your preference.  You fill out a beauty questionnaire, and they send you items that best suits your needs.  I requested items to match our complexion, and more natural items when they were available.



When I got the August bag, I was delighted in it’s pink packaging.  My daughter and I felt like it was unwrapping a present. We had no idea what would be in the bag, and I think that’s the funnest part.  We opened it up, and had some fun.  The eye shadow, and the eye pencil were our absolute favorite.  They label this bag as being worth $40, here’s my findings.

1. Coastal Scents Shadow Pallete Sample was the first item we pulled out.  My daughter was delighted, but I was a little disappointed.  The colors were too bright for me, and after a quick search I found these are not high end shadows.  These 4 are typically given as free samples, with perhaps a value of $2. This was the closest comparison I could find.

2. Mongongo Nutrient Dense Lip Balm was a win for me.  Valued between $5 and $6 dollars depending on the retailer, it wasn’t necessarily a score, but when the cold weather comes I become addicted to lip balm.  This organic lip balm was a happy score.

3. Klorane Dry Shampoo was a confusing addition.  I sprayed my daughter was she walked by tried it on my daughter’s hair and it left her hair looking weirdly white until I brushed it out.  After I brushed through it, I didn’t really see a difference. I’m not sure how or when I’d use it, and I’d definitely be open to suggestions.  We’re going camping in a few weeks…maybe it will come with us. It retails between $17-$25 for the size spray we got.

4. Manna Kasar Sheer Glo will eventually be a fun edition if I could actually get some foundation.  I think..just maybe you’re supposed to mix this with your foundation.  Told you I was a make up newb. My daughter and I used this as blush when we had our make up night, and the price online is jaw dropping.  The small sample I got is half the size I linked up there. A $14 value.

5. Urban Decay Eye Pencil was also one of our favorites. The pencil retails for $20, and they sent us a lovely purple one…they called it plushie. Sadly now I wish I had mascara to match it.


Once you get the items they ship to you, you can go back to ipsy’s website and rate them to earn credits.  There are also special deals if you want to purchase more of what you have.  Overall their August bag wasn’t overly impressive to me. There wasn’t much I’d use every day other than the lip balm. I feel the overall value of the bag is more than $40, but since there wasn’t much I was really excited about I’m rating it a 4 out of 10. Since this was my first experience with Ipsy and the price is so low, I didn’t cancel my subscription and decided to give them a shot in September.  Check back for what I got!

Important Note: I am not being paid for this post, nor was I approached by Ipsy to do this review.  I purchased this bag, and reviewed it all on my own. I think this service would be great for fashion minded ladies who’d like to try new items but don’t necessarily have the time to go out and find them on their own. If you sign up for Ipsy with one of the links I provided in the post, or by clicking here I receive a credit that enables me to get more freebies. You can earn credits too once you sign up. 🙂


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