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December Ecocentric Mom Box Review

Friday, February 5th, 2016



I love getting my Ecocentric Mom boxes! Have you heard of them? Each box contains such a different variety of stuff, it’s always neat to see what they include each month. EcoCentric Mom is a subscription box, for $24.95 you get a box once every other month, and now you can also get it once a month. They have three different types of boxes you can get: Mom Box (what I got this time), Baby and Mom Box,and the Pregnancy Box. All of these boxes are packed with eco-friendly items for you to sample.  For me though, the value in what you get is so worth it.  That’s almost the most important thing to me…am I getting my money’s worth of stuff? This month’s box was all about ME. This Christmas season for us was super tough.  My dad passed away in November, the day before Thanksgiving.  The entire season was just sad, but we still worked hard at trying to make it nice for the kids.  Even though we all missed him.

When I got this box in January, it really couldn’t have been better.  It was a pampering box that focused on helping us rejuvenate.  So whether your holidays had been a blissful whirlwind or just tough like ours was, we all could use some pampering for ourselves.  Momma’s always seem to put ourselves last!  So here’s what was in the box.





HelloMello Balance Body Oil

I don’t know about you, but in the winter my skin gets dry, rough and flakey. I get spots of eczema and it hurts!  This body oil is exactly what my dry winter skin needs. It’s soft fragrance isn’t overpowering, honesty barely noticeable which is exactly the way I like it. I put it on right after the shower so my skin just soaks it right in. It’s hand crafted made from natural ingredients. Just love. This sample size is valued at $12.




The Laughing Tree Organic Lip Balm


I’m a lip balm addict. I admit it. I need multiple lip balms just to make sure I’m not caught with out in the winter time. Pennsylvania winters can be rough, and here is another natural product that ensures that I don’t dry out! It’s a gentle lip balm with pure natural organic ingredients. So thankful this sample was included. It’s value is $3.





Smarty Pants Adult Complete and Kids Vitamins

I’m on the fence sometimes about gummy vitamins. Lots of times they are filled with food coloring, added sugar and other synthetics that really makes you wonder if you should be munching on these every day.  Not these though.  With no added sugar, you can feel good about this daily sweet treat. Sample packs for both kids and adults were included.  Yum! Sample values about $2.



Coconut Organics Coconut Chips

Coconut Organics does one thing.  Organic Coconut! They are the coconut experts and they are doing it right.  These unsweetened organic coconut chips are perfect for your paleo cooking.  They are full of fiber, and healthy fats with no added sugar or salt.  Just plain old coconut, just the way I like it. Sample value $1.50





Neelu Kaur Yogini Bliss

I posted this on Instagram earlier this week.  Possibly one of my favorite things included in this month’s box. I use this pure essential oil roller all the time.  It smells like bliss! It’s not overwhelming and it settles so nicely when it dries.  It’s not overpowering which is so important to me when it comes to fragrances.  Neelu Kaur creates these fragrances not to just smell nice, but for their aromatherapeutic benefits. It purposefully is created to give you a sense of bliss. Just right for anyone who may be blue during the winter.  Value $30



My Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge

When I first saw this, my initial thought was “What is this?!” Momma doesn’t have time for a facial. What’s a charcoal sponge. Completely new to me, these sponges are fantastic at detoxing your skin.  Use it to wash your face in the shower, it contains minerals that help eliminate harmful toxins while it exfoliates your skin. Who knew? Not this girl. This is why I love these boxes so much.   Sponge value $10.


EcoCentric Mom box did not disappoint! This box’s value is around $60, not including all the discount codes for everything included! 

Why do I love this box? It’s so convenient, and there’s always such a nice variety of stuff each month.  I love that it introduces me to new products, because really, I don’t have the time or the energy to go find stuff like this in back woods Pennsylvania.  I’d probably have to travel really far to find anything like this.

If you’re interested in getting your own box just follow this link. You can opt to have the boxes delivered once a month or every other month.  They are $24.95 a box. That includes shipping! If you do a longer subscription, there’s room for savings too.

August Ecocentric Mom Box Review

Monday, September 14th, 2015



I’m always so pleasantly surprised when my Ecocentric Mom Box arrives in the mail. Each box contains such a different variety of stuff, it’s always neat to see what they include each month. EcoCentric Mom is a subscription box, for $24 you get a box once every other month. The best part is, you don’t even have to be a mom to get a box.  They have four different types of boxes you can get: Mom Box (what I got this time), Baby and Mom Box,and the Pregnancy Box. All of these boxes are packed with eco-friendly items for you to sample.  For me though, the value in what you get is so worth it.  That’s almost the most important thing to me…am I getting my money’s worth of stuff? This box was super super genius, but I’ll let you be the judge.  Here’s what I got in my box this month.





Vance Family Soy Candles: First item is this beautiful Soy candle by the Vance Family. I’m pretty cautious about candles and other fragrances in my home.  Usually any fragrance comes from my essential oil diffuser.  This candle fits my natural style because it is only fragranced with pure essential oils and organic flavor oils.  This hand crafted candle is made with recycled glass that you can use again too. This candle retails for $18.99.






Earthwise Beauty, Tangerine Skies: With fall coming I was super glad to see this beautiful sample in my box.  My skin gets super dry when cold weather comes, and Earthwise Beauty Tangerine Skies Facial Oil is such a beautiful natural product to help moisturize the dry spots on my face. I am so picky about products that I use on my skin, and this one has no artificial anything in it.  No fake smell to nauseate me. Just a natural clean oil to moisturize the dry spots leaving my skin feeling fresh and healthy. 1 oz. bottles go for $38, this sample size was .2 oz so this was roughly $7 worth of product.



Boom Chick A Pop, Kettlecorn: Each box I’ve gotten has almost always included some kind of yummy bits to try.  This time they had Boom Chick A Pop’s Kettle Corn. My kids love this treat, and squealed when they saw this in the box.  What I love about this neat treat is that it’s organic, non-GMO certified, preservative free.  A simply made snack I’m happy to let my kids enjoy…and I might even have a bit of it too. This size is usually sold in large packs of 12 or 24, and it’s average price is about $.66 an ounce.



Square Hue Nail Polish: Before opening this box I had never heard of hue before. It’s a nail polish subscription box that delivers full size limited edition colors every month. You can sign up for 2 or 3 polishes a month.  The collection sets are uniquely themed each month, their are 5-free, vegan-friendly & cruelty free. I got this awesome light turquoise color that really has stood the test of time on my toes! It’s hard to find high quality polish that doesn’t chip right off the bat that’s not full of horrible chemicals.  Give this one a try.  Not only did I get this polish, but I also received a 50% off code for my first collection set.  Altogether a value of $10.99.




Elektra Magnesium Cream: Next was a sample of Elektra Magnesium cream. It’s a natural blend of butters and oils infused with magnesium to help keep you skin fresh looking and hydrated. It’s a moisturizer/supplement combo that’s great to keep your skin healthy. It’s free of parabens, petrochemicals, and animal ingredients. This sample bottle’s value is about $4.




Ground 2 Table Spices: What a neat idea.  Little spice packets that are salt free, sugar free, organic and non-GMO. This little sample came with a salad dressing blend, a cinnamon spice blend, and a guacamole blend. These spices are sustainably sourced bringing you a wholesome addition to your kitchen. This new company is constantly expanding their product line, so hopefully we’ll be hearing more about what they’re up to. Each packet runs about $1.99, so this sample is worth $6.




Branch to Nature Thyme Facial Astringent: Lastly, they included a sample of Branch to Nature’s Thyme Facial Astringent. This is a gentle facial cleanser that naturally cleanses and revives your skin. This formula is great for all skin types. This product left my face feeling clean and smooth, with out that tight chemically feel. The bottle doesn’t say what size it was, but it looks like a 1 ounce sample size.  3.5 ounce bottles go for $15.50, so I’m going to estimate that this bottle here is worth $4.50.

So far my darlings, my total comes to just over $100 in value.  This box was so generous I’m floored. I haven’t mentioned the 30 day free trial to Pilates Anytime ($18 value). Overall this box contained about $125 worth of products. I just can’t even right now. I can’t wait for October’s box.

If you’re interested in getting your own box just follow this link. Boxes are delivered once every other month and are $24 a box. That includes shipping.  For a limited time if you use the code “ecolove2015” you’ll receive $5 off your first box.  Enjoy!

Things you should know. I was not paid to write this post, but I did receive the box free for review. If you click on the links and order your own box, I will receive a small compensation for you doing so.  If you love the box, and love the blog it’s a great way to help support my blog at no extra cost to you.  I sure would appreciate it!  Xo!!




How to use a Neti Pot

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015



I’ve been using a neti pot for years, so long it crossed my mind this morning that maybe not everyone knows how to use a neti pot. There are a few times of year where my trusty little Neti Pot makes an appearance. In the winter, for any occasional sinus infection, spring time for seasonal allergies, and again in the fall for ragweed.  If you’ve never used a Neti Pot, it can be weird and even scary at first.  I don’t feel like there’s a drowning sensation, and if your salt and temperature is correct you should almost not feel anything at all. 

So what is a Neti Pot?  The word Neti comes from an ancient yogic technique for sinus rinsing called Jala Neti. Yogis believed that regular rinsing of the nasal cavity promoted good health.  Turns out, they were right. Inside your nasal passages are tiny hair-like structures called cilia. These cilia brush back and forth to push mucus down the back of your throat or into your nose to be blown out. Using a salt water/saline solution in your nasal cavities helps thin out the mucus in your nasal cavities, while helping improve coordination of the cilia so they can more effectively push the snot out (snot is a technical


So how do you get started? Well, first you need a neti pot. I like my simple no frills neti pot that I have pictured above.  You can find one like it here. Next you need a tsp of salt.  You can use regular table salt, but realize that there are additives to it.  I have used regular salt with out any side affects, but I feel more comfortable using natural sea salt, like this.  Next you need distilled water. Why? There is a slight risk of getting a brain infection from an ameba that’s rare, but found in rivers, lakes, hot springs, and occasionally tap water.  Read more about that here. Now let’s get started.





First, I fill my measuring cup with 1 cup of distilled water. I nuke it in my 1000 watt microwave for 30 seconds. For me, that gives me perfectly lukewarm water. Test the water out on sensitive skin, like the inside of your arm.  It should feel comfortable, not hot or overly warm, and not cool either.  You can use room temperature water if you are nervous about burning yourself, it will just feel cold inside your nose.

Next, add 1 tsp of salt to your water and stir until it is dissolved. Then pour half your salt water into your neti pot. Stand over your sink, tilt your head to the side and pour your water into your nose.  Gently blow your nose when you’re done, then repeat on the other side.

If you’re a visual person I found a great video tutorial here.  Enjoy!!





Sources: Web MD, NY Times 

New Year’s Resolution –Making the best of 2015

Monday, January 5th, 2015



I feel like New Year’s Resolutions are getting a bad reputation lately.  Why chose now to change when you can resolve to be better any time of year?  I know my friends who visit the gym just hate to see how crowded it gets in January when people resolve to take healthier steps in their life…but slowly drop off by mid February. It’s become a marketing ploy and you hear it all the time: New Year, New You! *dramatic eyeroll*  With all that I can’t help myself. Every year as the old year comes to a close I take a look back on the year to see what could have been better.  I think I’m the only person I know of who really begins to contemplate a New Year’s Resolution and I tend to actually keep these resolutions through out the year.  Sometimes they are simple, like…no soda for a year.  Sometimes they are determined, like the year I put my disease in remission. I know some people think they could better themselves throughout the year, why wait until January?


Personally, I look at this time of year like a fresh slate, or sometimes a starting line.  I have a couple of goals this year, physical, professional, and personal. First, I need to take a look back at this year.



I had a baby this year. As I’m typing this, he’s about 3 feet away from me kicking away in his play pen. For someone who has Pseudotumor, that’s an amazing accomplishment. I’ve been medicine free since I lost nearly fifty pounds, but my neurologist and obstetrician were all very nervous for me when I found out I was expecting. I had to keep my weight in check while growing an amazing beautiful boy. If not, my raging headaches could return, and I would continue to damage my eyes and my brain.  Pregnancy hormones alone could have triggered a flare up, or even brought me out of remission. However healthy primal eating kept my weight in check, and in August I delivered a healthy 8 pound baby boy.

As careful as I was to not gain excess weight, I still have weight to lose this year. It’s not the focus of my year because healthy primal eating has been such a huge part of my life dialing it back anymore won’t be such a big deal. For more information about eating a primal diet while nursing you should read this




Professionally I have to make changes, too.  For fifteen years I’ve been a music teacher, both in public schools and privately. I love my job, I really do. Having a baby makes this job infinitely harder. I don’t want to be away from him since he’s solely breast fed, but I can’t exactly play gigs with a baby in my arms and it’s very hard to teach lessons with him nearby sometimes.  He also can’t handle the late nights at the music store any more. So we’ve had to adapt. My income as a musician has gone down considerably since having the baby, I am a freelancer after all.  

Between that, and the possibility of us having to move again I’ve had to reconsider lots of things about how I bring my portion of income to our family. Being a musician is a job of networking along with skill.  Other musicians have to know I’m here, and know what I can do. Other teachers have to know I’m here, and know that I’m good at what I can do. It’s hard to break into sometimes, and when I have to move with my husband every two to three years rebuilding gets tiresome. When we left Colorado I handed over my robust viola studio to a fresh grad. Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing and I know my students there have done well with her.   It took me two years to build that studio from nothing and the income was amazing.  It was hard to just hand it over to her.

So instead I’m going to try to build something else. This blog’s income since having my baby has doubled. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t cover what I made as a musician…but it’s growing and there is no ceiling.  First time I made money on my blog I was thrilled. Up until this year, it was maybe a few bucks here and there.  Nothing really more than $50 in a month, but that’s changed. My goal is to completely replace the lost income by the middle of the year…and I have a plan to make that work. Once I make it there, the sky is the limit. If you’re still reading this…then my baby steps are working.




On a personal level these things are just tiny things I need to make myself more aware of.  Like, clutter puts me in a bad mood, so taking time to clear off counter tops and dresser tops will help make me a happier, nicer person. I need to stop putting off home improvement projects. I’m worried that our time in this house is limited, and I want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. It’s a modest house, but there are things that I just think are beautiful about it…and then other things I think are less beautiful, like the prior owner’s paint choices. Moving in was rushed due to crazy circumstances so we weren’t able to do any “pre-move in painting.” Life got crazy and it just never got done. A year and a half later, I still have windows with no curtains and fabric just waiting for me. I just need to set aside the time to get it done. Goals…right?

Also, I used to homeschool my kids.  It was time consuming hard work, but I loved it.  I knew that having a baby would make it much harder. We decided to try cyber schooling again hoping to take some of the responsibility off my plate, and it’s been stressful to say the least. My older two are 9 and 12, and have reached a stage in their education where they either need to rise to the occasion and become independent learners, or go to school. I want my time spent with my kids to be happy, positive and constructive.  Not negative and filled with frustration.

In the end, these personal goals are things that will hopefully help make my life just a bit happier, and help my family to be happier too.  If we don’t end up moving we’ll benefit from having a beautiful home to enjoy for a while longer. 

Do you set goals for the new year? I’d love to know what yours are.

10 Natural Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

Monday, December 8th, 2014



If you’re like me seasonal blues is something that creeps it’s ugly head up around this time of year and sticks around until it’s time to do the spring cleaning. I also had a baby three months ago, so this year my seasonal blues is also dipped in the hormonal ups and downs of postpartum depression. The why’s of feeling blue don’t matter too much, but there are things you can do to help pull you out.  Lots of people including myself would like to try things to help fight the winter blues naturally before resorting to medication. Please note…I’m not talking chronic depression here.  That should be treated by a medical professional, and I am not one of those.

Here are some of the things I do to help lift my spirits during the darker time of the year.


1. Hire a house cleaner and get the house cleaned. Clutter is depressing and overwhelming.  If you’re already not in a good mental space it can be overwhelming to look in a room that needs a thorough cleaning.  I’ve found if you hire someone who runs their own company they may be willing to even help you organize and pick up clutter.  People who know me well can almost tell by walking into my house if I’m in a good mental place (or just busy). A clean home takes some of the pressure off.

2. Go to the gym and get that seratonin rush. This is probably one of the best ways to feel better, exercise is the gift that keeps on giving. You won’t want to go, specially if you haven’t started the habit yet. Once you are finished your energy level will increase and you will simply feel better.  It doesn’t have to be a hard work out either. Go walk a mile..just make it a fast walk, not a leisurely stroll.

3. Call a girl friend and be honest.  Tell them you’re feeling crappy.  Chose the right friend to talk to though, one who will understand and tell you things that worked for them. At minimum they’ll give you an understanding ear.  Take it one step further.  Go out for coffee, or lunch. If you have no one to call, you could call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. They will listen, even if it’s not an emergency.

4. Get a hair cut. This is all about feeling good about yourself.  Sporting a new do, or trimming up your favorite style can be uplifting.  One of my favorites is to add fun colors to your hair.  Ever try it?  They’re temporary, get your favorite color and get a peekaboo highlight.  It’s so fun!

5. Go shopping. Again, this is all about feeling good about yourself. Don’t have time to go out shopping. Shop online! Better yet, have someone do the shopping for you. Subscribe to a service like Stitch Fix.  I have them deliver a shipment monthly.  It’s all the clothes shopping I do all month, and I get cute things stuff that’s picked out for me.  Talk about feeling good about yourself! 

6. Put on some really cute clothes.  Notice a “feeling good about yourself pattern yet?” Being a homeschooling, stay at home mom there are definitely days where I don’t get out of my yoga pants. Those days are more depressing than days when I get dressed, do my hair, put on some makeup and just overall invest in my appearance. I do it for no one but myself, and it makes me feel better.

6. Start a blog.  My journey blogging was born out of depression. I started blogging YEARS ago as a way for me to reach out to people.  I am a social person by nature and interacting with people even if it’s just online helps lift my spirits. It also helps me use up some creative energy.

7. Comfort Foods.  This doesn’t have to come with guilt.  Some great soup, or some roasted veggies can bring you comfort with out bringing the “omg I can’t believe I just ate that guilt.” Think carefully and eat carefully so your choices don’t bring you back down after.

8. Enjoy the spa treatment. A nice warm bath with epsom salt. Epsom salt baths help replenish magnesium, and combined with essential oils can help you sleep. My favorite mix is to use dōTERRA’s Citrus Bliss, Elevation and Lavender..either mix it prior with the salt, or drop them directly in the bath.  You can email me directly about purchasing these oils (I love talking oils!) or you purchase them directly from me here.

9. Get creative. I spoke of creative energy in #6, but this is different. Paint something, decorate, sew, knit, draw…make something beautiful. A sense of accomplishment with a finished project can really pick you up.  It also keeps your mind busy so it doesn’t creep to darker places.

10. Go volunteer. If loneliness is a trigger for your depression, consider volunteering.  Think about what you enjoy and go with it. Helping people? Try a food bank, or a homeless shelter.  Love books? Lots of libraries can use extra hands to help stock shelves or read to children. Need more of a commitment with lots of physical activity? What about being a volunteer fire fighter, or feeding the animals at your local zoo or aquarium.  The possibilities are endless.


Photo Credit: 

Winter Berries: Barbara Freidman 

Jogging: E. Campbell

Winter Wonderland:  Thomas

The Grain Free Snacker — A Book Review

Friday, October 10th, 2014



The other day I was given the opportunity to review The Grain Free Snacker by Carol Lovett, and for almost completely selfish reasons I jumped on it.  Being on a grain free diet can be rough, specially when you’re first starting out and you just want to eat ALL THE THINGS. Then there are the kids. For kids snacks are a way of life.  This book very beautifully, and uniquely helps you get over the snacking bump with healthy recipes that won’t bust your gut.


Like the title says, all the recipes in this book are grain free.  For sweeteners, Carol uses coconut palm sugar, honey and maple syrup. Her recipes turn to 3 paleo friendly flours: almond flour, coconut flower, and arrowroot flour. I learned about new things I’ve never heard of like, what is aioli and how to make it.  She pushes us to try new things like sardine pate. Sounds gross?  She’ll win you over, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m willing to!

This book is so full of delicious looking food. I must have stopped to grab something to eat two or three times while reading it and then again while writing this review. There are some kid friendly choices, such as chicken fingers, pizza pockets, and chocolate chip cookies. Then there are gummy bears, gummy worms, and ice cream.  How does lemon meringue ice cream sound?  Hungry yet? What about entertaining foods, like melon and prosciutto, maple balsamic meatballs, crackers, and dips? Oh, and I think I can just stop this review at coffee cake muffins with raspberry filling.  Now I’m hungry….again.


I’m so glad to have this book in my paleo friendly cook book arsenal.  Specially now that I’m working hard to lose this last bit of baby weight. It’s hard when my family is eating the good stuff, while I munch on salad… again.  With this book, I now have the tools to make delicious snacks to share with everyone and I don’t have to feel like I’m missing out on the “good stuff.”

This book is a regularly $24.95, but starting today and until October 13th it is 75% off!  Now is the time, grab it quick before you have to pay full price again.  If you’re interested, click here to visit Ditch The Wheat.

4 Easy ways to Reduce your Caffeine Intake

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

So, you need to reduce your caffeine intake. I will admit, this post is mostly for those expectant momma’s out there.  However,  there are many reasons why you may need to reduce your caffeine intake. Many women when they find out their pregnant cut caffeine completely, but recently studies have shown that that some caffeine consumption is ok during pregnancy.  If you’re a regular coffee drinker and recently pregnant this is good news.


During my average day, I start my day with 2 cups of coffee and my go-to drink for lunch and dinner is unsweetened iced tea. In the winter month’s I also like to have hot tea in the afternoon, specially if I need a pick me up. My regular coffee consumption would be way out of the range of acceptability for a pregnant woman, so here are some ideas to help you cut back gently.

1.  Switch to half caff.

I not only drink coffee for the caffeinated wake up, but also because I love coffee and it brings me comfort in the morning. I go to the grocery store and purchase coffee beans and grind them up there before I take them home.  One sneaky way to half your caffeine is to mix the beans.  Mix 1/2 decaf, 1/2 regular beans mix them well in the grinder and you have just cut your caffeine intake in half. If you want to step down even more, drink half caff for a week, then do less, 1/3rd or even 1/4 caff.

2. Switch to decaf iced tea.

If you’re also an iced tea drinker and you don’t do it for the pick me up, you can easily switch to decaf iced tea. If you question the safety of conventional tea, try organic black tea to make and cool ahead of time.

3. Switch to herbal teas.

If you’re drinking tea for the comfort of drinking tea, there are lots, and lots and lots of herbal teas out there.  There are even pregnancy teas, to help calm your tummy, or help prepare you for delivery.

4. Stop drinking soda purchased from the store.

I almost didn’t include this one because I stopped drinking conventional soda quite some time ago. If you need your fizzy drink, stay tuned…next week I’ll be making a post about DIY Soda’s.

Here are some caffeine facts:

1. A can of Coke has about 34 mg of caffeine.

2. A cup of brewed coffee can have between 95-200 mg of caffeine.

3. A 16 oz. cup of Starbucks Pike’s Place has 330 mg of caffeine.

4. 8 oz. of iced tea has 26 mg of caffeine.

5. Studies about caffeine intake during pregnancy are conflicted, but current science says a pregnant woman should keep their daily caffeine intake under 200 mg a day


If you have questions or concerns about how much caffeine you should be consuming, you should definitely talk with your doctor.


Photo Credit: Doug88888

What’s this Pink in the Sink?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013


Ever notice that pink circle in your sink? Or at the bottom of your shower curtain?  Could even be a ring in your toilet along the water line, or the grout between the tiles in your bathtub. Most people think it’s water stains, or mold.  It’s not…it’s worse.  It’s Bacteria called S. Marcescens. S. Marcescens is a naturally occurring airborne bacteria, that’s typically found in areas that are repetitively your bathroom. It specifically occurs if you have well water, or water that is not chlorinated. It has a red pigment, and used to be used frequently in classroom science experiments because it was thought to be harmless.  Scientist have recently discovered that it’s not.


Oh noes!

S. Marcescens has been found to potentially cause:

 *  pink eye

*  meningitis

*  infections

*  pneumonia

*  urinary tract infections

One way to get rid of this stuff is bleach bleach bleach!! And if you do that I won’t judge you. However I live out in the country, and have a sensitive septic system that can’t take all that bleach so I’ve come up with some home made solutions. To really keep this nasty bug away, you have to clean your bathrooms frequently but here’s how I do it naturally.


DIY Shower Spray

In a sprayer, combine the following:

*  2 cups water

*  1 cup white vinegar

*  10-15 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil or Lavender Essential Oil (Email me if you need a reputable source for oils!)

For the Pooper: Aka DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In a squirt bottle (I use an old shampoo bottle), combine the following:

*  1/4 cup Castille Soap, I love the lavender

*  1 cup water

*  3 tbsp Baking Soda

*  10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil or Lemon Essential Oil

Directions: Shake up your bottle squirt a little in and scrub the toilet as you normally would.


Black Friday Sale – Save 67% on Ebooks, Menu Plans and Classes

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


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The Clutter Trap
by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body

A cluttered home affects your health, wastes your money, takes up your valuable time, and is keeping you from living the life you want to live! Learn the secrets to organizing your home in just fifteen minutes a day. The Clutter Trap will teach you how to rid your home of clutter for good!

Retail Price: $19.95 Black Friday Price: $6.58 (save over $13.00!)

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Toxic Free
by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body

Many of the ingredients found in commercial cleaning and personal care products have been linked to health problems. From infertility to cancer, the toxic chemicals that threaten our health are some of the most common things we put directly on our skin! Are you ready to ditch the toxic garbage for good?

Retail Price: $19.95 Black Friday Price: $6.58 (save over $13.00!)

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Pain Free
by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body

Everyday millions of people suffer from chronic pain caused by accident, injury, disease, and bad habits… often without any evidence of bodily damage. But you don’t have to suffer! Pain Freeoffers 60 Somatic-based exercises and practical advice to help you regain your mobility, confidence, posture, and live without pain for good.

Retail Price: $19.95 Black Friday Price: $6.58 (save over $13.00!)

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Processed Free
by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body

In a world saturated with savvy marketing tactics designed to keep up consuming fake food counterfeits, is it any wonder that we are confused about what to eat? Processed Free is the practical and stress-free guide to healthy eating. Learn the secrets of the food industry that are destroying your health and how you can get real food to your table for good.

Retail Price: $19.95 Black Friday Price: $6.58 (save over $13.00!)

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Have Your Cake & Lose Weight Too!
by DaNelle Wolford of Weed ‘em & Reap

Don’t you want to lose weight & get healthy naturally and easily? Don’t you want to
enjoy ALL foods and toss out all those crappy diet plans? You’re in luck! My book is the ultimate guide to teach you how to stop restricting and start living! I lost weight naturally while enjoying ALL food groups, and yes, I even ate delicious fats & carbs! I promise you that my book will open your mind to why you’ve had so much trouble losing weight in the past,
and how you can start losing the weight today!

Retail Price: $34.95 Black Friday Price: $11.53 (save over $23.42!)

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Gluten-Free Vegetarian
by Hannah Healy of Healy Real Food Vegetarian

Do you have trouble coming up with meal ideas that are gluten-free, soy-free AND vegetarian? Do you want to lower your grocery bill by cutting out meat once or twice a week and still eat healthy filling meals?
Gluten-Free Vegetarian features over 120 pages of gluten-free, soy-free, meatless real food recipes along with tutorials and guides to help you make real food from scratch so you can save money and be healthy! You’ll also get BONUS ebooklet Grain-Free Vegan Desserts with purchase!
Retail Price: $30.98 Black Friday Price: $10.23 (save over $20!)

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The Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms
by Lindsey Gremont of Homemade Mommy

Are you new to real food and not sure how you can possibly take on ‘from scratch’ cooking? Do you want to make real food FAST? Do you want to know how to travel with real food and make smart choices while eating out? The Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms takes the stress out of eating real food, saving you time and money, and includes tons of real food recipes to get you started.
Retail Price: $17.99 Black Friday Price: $5.94
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The Homemade Mommy Handbook
by Lindsey Gremont of Homemade Mommy

Do you want to learn to cook real food? Do you want to feel confident in your own kitchen?
Do you want to be inspired to experiment with new flavors? The Homemade Mommy Handbook is complete real food 101 guide for cooking tips and techniques including braising, roasting, sauteing, grilling, herbs and spice usage and storage, fermentation, and 60+ real food recipes.
Retail Price: $19.95 Black Friday Price: $6.58
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Gluten Free, Real Food Recipes for Kids
by Tracey Black of Don’t Mess with Mama

Did you know many gluten-free packaged foods are loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives? Do you want to make simple, no-fuss meals for your family that are gluten free and healthy?
Gluten Free, Real Food Recipes for Kids will help to guide you through the gluten-free hype to discover foods your family really needs to eat – and foods to avoid. With more than 130 pages of recipes and tips – including how to avoid heavily refined and processed foods, real food nutrition tips, how to encourage kids to become healthy eaters and much more!
Plus, you’ll find 70+ delicious, kid-tested recipes the whole family will love – including appetizers and snacks, dressings and condiments, beverages, main dishes and desserts, without gluten, artificial ingredients and preservatives.
Retail Price: $22.95 Black Friday Price: $7.57
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7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Improved Health
by Katherine Kyle of Green Thickies

Ready to detox and drop a dress size? The Green Thickies 7 DAY DIET PLAN for weight loss and improved health shows you how. Join others following this plan who lost an average of 3.5 pounds in one week, and enjoyed reduced cravings, increased energy and improved sleep. Share in this success and learn the secrets for sustained weight loss with this complete meal plan for healthy living.

Retail Price: $24.99 Black Friday Price: $8.25 (save over $16.0

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The 30-Day Heartburn Solution
by Craig Fear, NTP of Fearless Eating

Chronic heartburn? GERD? The 30-Day Heartburn Solution will show you why acid reflux is NOT caused by too much acid, why acid blockers like Prilosec and Nexium stop the symptoms of heartburn but not the cause and how they can lead to long term health problems. You’ll also learn how you can prevent heartburn and stop the need for acid blockers with simple dietary changes. Dozens of heartburn-busting recipes included!

Retail Price: $25.00 Black Friday Price: $8.25

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The Nourished Metabolism
by Elizabeth Walling of The Nourished Life

Tired of spinning your wheels trying to get healthy? Forget the extreme approach and try the balanced approach to nourishing your body instead. Learn why you should stop dieting TODAY, how to balance nutrients and energy for the optimal metabolism, a balanced eating plan that doesn’t restrict food groups, myths about sugar, salt and water — and much more!

Retail Price $29.99 Black Friday Price: $9.90

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Love Your Body
by Elizabeth Walling of The Nourished Life

Love Your Body tackles the negative thought patterns that cause you to feel anxious, discouraged and downright miserable about your appearance. Learn how to banish negative body thoughts, overcome thought patterns that cause body hate, form positive standards for beauty that empower you, and free yourself from the body hate that holds you back from reaching your dreams!

Retail Price $19.99 Black Friday Price: $6.60

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Gluten Free & Grain Free Breads, Batters & Doughs
by Halle Cottis of Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

You don’t have to skip the pasta, tortillas, pizza, and bread. If you’re gluten-free and grain-free, you don’t have to compromise on the flavor and taste! In this cookbook, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to creating delicious gluten-free and grain-free recipes that the whole family will enjoy!

Retail Price: $24.95 Black Friday Price: $8.24 (save over $16.00!)

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Gluten Free & Grain Free Meal Plans
by Halle Cottis of Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

Save time in the kitchen, save money with a pre-done budget, reduce stress with meals done for you! With this 6 month meal plan subscription you get detailed shopping lists, prep ahead lists, weekly budget analyses and 5 full gluten free and grain free meals per week. Nutritional information also included for each recipe.

Retail Price: $48.00 Black Friday Price: $15.84 (save over $32.00!)

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Sustainability Starts at Home – How to Save Money While Saving the Planet
by Dawn Gifford of Small Footprint Family

Would you like to save hundreds of dollars on your water, gas and electricity bills? Want to power your home or business with solar for less than the cost of your current utility bill? Would you like to buy all your organic produce and pasture-raised meat, dairy and eggs at wholesale cost or better?

Sustainability Starts at Home will show you how to do all of this, plus give you hundreds more inspiring tips that will save you thousands of dollars a year—simply by making adjustments to how you maintain your home and make your day-to-day purchases. This book pays for itself (and then some) with the first tip you implement!

Retail Price: $14.95 Black Friday Price: $4.93 (Save over $10!)

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Heritage Cooking: Historic Recipes for Modern Kitchens
by Lori Elliott of Our Heritage of Health

Travel back in time to an era of home-cooked meals made from scratch with nourishing real foods. Each of these historic, 19th century recipes has been adapted to be simple to prepare in any modern kitchen. With recipes ranging from breakfast dishes to hearty stews, from homemade breads to rich desserts, this cookbook is perfect for anyone who wants to return to the simplicity of traditional, old-fashioned home cooking.

Retail Price: $17.99 Black Friday Price: $5.94 (save over $12.00!)

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Natural Homestead
by Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead

You’re ditching the chemical-laden bath products. You’re buying organic produce. You’re reading the labels of everything that comes into your house. But what about the barnyard? Learn how to make everything from homemade chicken feed, to DIY bug sprays, to natural dewormers, to herbal salves and more in Natural Homestead!

Retail Price: $24.95 Black Friday Price: $8.23 (save over $16.00!)

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Your Custom Homestead
by Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead

This 21-day guide will walk you through the process of realizing your homesteading dreams, no matter where you may live! Learn how to make your own homesteading binder, set goals, and plan for your homesteading future–even if you live in the city.
Retail Price: $8.99 Black Friday Price: $2.97 (save over $6.00!)
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Reversing Food Allergies online class
by Ann Marie Michaels of Cheeseslave

Did you know that 99% of food allergies can be reversed? It’s possible! I know it is because I reversed mine. In this 12-part online video cooking class, I teach you how to get started on a path to recovery.

Retail Price: $149 Black Friday Price: $49.17 (save over $99!)

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Healthy Whole Grains online class
by Ann Marie Michaels of Cheeseslave

Everyone knows whole grains are better for you. But did you know that whole grains that are not soaked or sprouted actually do more damage than good? In this 12-part online video cooking class, you’ll learn how to make whole grains that are healthy and nutritious — and that taste great. Over 50 video tutorials and 100+ recipes.

Retail Price: $199 Black Friday Price: $65.67 (save over $133!)

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Reversing Food Allergies ebook
by Ann Marie Michaels of Cheeseslave

Did you know that 99% of food allergies can be reversed? It’s true! If you are suffering from the symptoms of food allergies, I want you to know there is hope. It worked for me, and that’s why I wrote my new e-book, The Reversing Food Allergies Cookbook. Over 350 recipes — from stocks and staples to the main meals of the day, candies, beverages, appetizers, desserts and more!

Retail Price: $19.99 Black Friday Price: $6.60 (save over $13!)

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Real Food for Busy People
by Village Green Network

As much as we love to cook and provide nutritious meals for our family, sweating over a hot stove all afternoon takes a lot of time. The good news is, you CAN prepare nutrient-dense meals from scratch for your family — in a fraction of the time. You just need to learn the tricks. In this online video cooking class, you’ll get up close and personal with your favorite bloggers in their home kitchens as they reveal their secrets for saving time in the kitchen.

Retail Price: $199 Black Friday Price: $65.67 (save over $133!)

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Beautify Your DIY – A Guide to Gorgeous Natural Gifts
by April Anderton of Healing For Real

You take the time to make your own natural beauty and home care products because you care about the health and safety of your family. Show your friends and extended family how much you care by beautifully bottling, boxing and wrapping your precious products for gifting. ‘Beautify Your DIY – A Guide To Gorgeous Natural Gifts’ is full of photos, ideas and inspiration for gift giving.

Retail Price: $14.95 Black Friday Price $4.93 (Save over $10!)

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The Real Food. Real Good. eCookbook
by Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo

The Real Food. Real Good. eCookbook is a 45-page, full color collection of really good real food recipes…nothing artificial or heavily processed included. I’ve compiled twenty select grain-, legume-, dairy- and refined-sugar free recipes, each following a Paleo template. If you’re gluten-free or you #JERF (Just Eat Real Food), you’re in the right spot, too. The ingredients are diverse. The methods are a cinch. The food is nutrient-dense. The flavors are monstrous. You win!

Retail Price: $12.00 Black Friday Price: $3.96 (save over $8.00!)

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Lleaon’s Anti-aging Beauty Secrets
by Lleaon Rao of Beauty Secrets Revealed

“Lleaon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets ” is a comprehensive compilation of beauty care secrets that has the power to change your life. Inside you will find an incredible array of Natural, Healthy skin care recipes that are guaranteed to make you look and feel UP TO 15 YEARS YOUNGER!

This 183 Page (15 Chapters) Full Color PDF E-book is filled with Anti-aging Skin Care, Body Care and Hair Care Recipes, Food, Herb and Supplement Recommendation, Gemstone Therapy and Facial Yoga.

Retail Price: $30 Black Friday Price: $10 (Save $20.00!)

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Real Fit at Every Age
by Julie de Lagarde of Real Fit Mama

Real Fit at Every Age gives you practical advice for types of exercise to use for desired results, no matter what your age, condition or health concerns are. Includes full-color photograph instructions on how to do many of the exercises discussed within the book. A must-read for anyone who has a body.

Retail Price: $24.95 Black Friday Price: $8.23 (save over $16.00!)

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Indulge: 70 Grain Free Desserts
by Carol Lovett of Ditch The Wheat

Indulge is your go-to resource for grain free desserts. It’s a must have in every paleo kitchen. Start baking delicious and easy to make grain free cookies, bars, cakes and cupcakes for you and your family today.

Retail Price: $24.97 Black Friday Price: $8.24 (save over $16.00!)

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Real Food for Real Life: How to Eat Healthy Without Going Completely Crazy
by Emily Benfit of Butter Believer

Real Food For Real Life makes real food a lifestyle anyone can do. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by all the “food rules” out there, this is the book for you! Get back to the basics and check perfectionism at the door, while learning the hows and whys of feeding yourself and your family whole and nutritious foods—without letting food take over your life!

Retail Price: $24.95 Black Friday Price: $8.24 (save over $16.00!)

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The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally
by Emily Benfit of Butter Believer

The Sleep Solution is a guide to sleep health based on the science of how your body’s many biological processes work together to regulate sleep, and how you can improve them. Do you wonder why you get a sudden burst of energy late at night, just when you need to be heading to bed? Or why you can’t shut off your mind while trying to fall asleep—or why you wake up again in the middle of the night feeling anxious and restless? Learn the solutions to your sleep problems, so you can finally get the healthy rest your body needs.

Retail Price: $29.95 Black Friday Price: $9.89 (save over $20.00!)

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Healthy Thanksgiving 101 – A Grain Free Meal Plan

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Just in time.  Still trying to put together a grain free Thanksgiving? I have got the e-book for you. Healthy Thanksgiving 101 – A Grain Free Meal Plan by Dr. Meghan Birt at Just Enjoy Food has everything you need to put together fabulous grain free Thanksgiving dinner.

This book is thoughtfully laid out and contains absolutely everything you can think of for your Thanksgiving Meal.  Some recipes I can’t wait to try include her Grain Free Dinner Rolls, Honeyed Sweet Potato Casserole, Grain Free Stuffing (Yes!!!), a pie crust recipe to use for your favorite pie, and most importantly Pumpkin Pie!!

Here’s some things I love about this book:

  • It is a complete Thanksgiving Feast.  If you don’t have time to scour the internet, look no further.  This will have everything you need to create a fabulous meal for your family.
  • It’s well laid out in an easy to use way.  She’s organized all the recipes in an easy, logical way that makes your job of making the meal super easy.
  • She’s thoughtfully given us a list of ingredients and how to obtain some harder to find ones. Makes having a grain free meal doable for ANY family.
  • It’s pretty! At heart, I’m still a kid. I’m so drawn in by good pictures, and the photography is so inspiring.  The first thing I do with any book is flip through and look at the pictures, and they absolutely pulled me in.


The Thanksgiving Ebook includes:

  • 15 recipes including how to roast a turkey, two different stuffing recipes, multiple sides and desserts.
  • Recipes are sweetened with out sugar, using honey, zylitol and stevia.
  • She’s thoughtfully laid out a list of ingredients and how to obtain them.
  • Beautiful and inspiring pictures of her creations, take a look at some below.

Grain Free Rolls and Cranberry Butter


Grain Free Stuffing


Hmmm, Apple Pie


To get your own copy of the book Click here.


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