About me



Hi! I’m Kim, and I’m the creator and writer of Nearly Natural Momma.  I move around a lot with my husband but right now we live in Pennsylvania with our three children on a one acre property out in the country.  On this one acre, we raise chickens and try to grow as much food as we can in our family garden.

I home school my two older children using a classical secular approach.  Over two years ago I went Primal and I lost 50lbs. Since then, all my recent recipes are gluten free and typically fit the “primal diet” rules.

I like to write about the reversal of my disease through diet, casual homesteading on our one acre property, mothering and whatever else comes to mind. I’ve recently become a doTERRA consultant. Please message me if you’re interested in purchasing oils, or selling them yourself! Thanks for checking out my blog!