October Stitch Fix


I haven’t written about Stitch Fix lately, but I’ve still been getting my fixes. I hope to get back into a better habit of posting.  Last month my fix wasn’t very good.  I honestly only kept a shirt so I didn’t lose my $20 styling fee.  So this month, I decided to really do my part.  I posted on my fashion pinterest board and my stylist Alecia does her homework each month and checks. I just have to make her job easy by telling her what I want. She also reads my blog (hi Alicia!!), so she really gets an idea of what works best for me.

Before I go any further let me give you a run down of what Stitch Fix is. Stitch fix is an online styling service. You get your own personal stylist who handpicks a “fix” for you with five items. You get either clothing or accessories that are unique to your budget, and tastes. You’ll get three days to decide if you’re going to keep anything from your fix. The styling fee is $20 and that goes towards any purchase you end up making. If you  buy all 5 you get 25% off the entire order. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s so fun.  You can sign up to get fixes whenever you want, or get them sent to you monthly, even bi-weekly. It’s perfect for a busy mom like me who has no time to shop for clothes. You can learn more about signing up for your first fix here!

I told Alecia this month I was attending a fall outdoor wedding, so I needed an outfit for the wedding that would be warm and cozy. My preference is black and greys, is that tacky for weddings anymore? Do people still care?  The bride and groom are dear friends, and I know they know I’m not mourning their union..right?? Anyway, here’s how Alecia did this month. 


Korbyn Geo Charm Layering Necklace




I’m not a big fan of jewelry. My stylist knows this, but also knows I should have some kind of accessory. I’m resisting, but as you can see it’s not terrible. It’s not one of those super chunky necklaces I wouldn’t ever where.  Honestly, it’s tasteful and I just might wear it. Verdict: Kept



Giani Mixed Material Pullover Sweater






I love this color, and I love how the patterned fabric also is slimming because of where it is. My daughter thought the pattern looked like old curtains, hah!! She’s 10 though, and I love it. It fits perfectly. Verdict: Kept


Freya Maxi Dress





I’m not a dress person, but I specifically asked for a dress for a wedding.  I had expected more than one dress to try, but had she sent more than one I don’t know that this fix would have been so fabulous. You’d expect a dress named after Freya to make you feel sexy, and it does! It’s slimming, the neck line is perfect and I’ll be able to wear it again later on to my husband’s company party in December. This one and only dress she sent was all she needed to send.  It was absolutely perfect. I just seriously can’t believe this dress! Verdict: Kept!!! (with enthusiasm!)


Bralie French Terry Asymmetrical Cape






When I first pulled this out of the box I was excited, but then I tried it on and wasn’t sure what to think.  I think if I’m not careful it will make me look considerably heavier than I am. I had to play around with how I wore it. It grew on me and now I wear it everywhere!  I absolutely love it. The only thing I wish is that it had pockets. Maybe if I have free time (hahaha…year right) I can add some pockets to it myself. Verdict: Kept


Kate Boyfriend Jean







When I first read my card telling me what I had received I was shocked to see the Kate boyfriend jeans included.  I had received them in my February Fix, and I was confused as to why she was sending them again. I almost dismissed them thinking that I wouldn’t keep them at all.  They were the last thing I tried on, and that’s when I realized..oh these are different! She is paying attention! They came rolled up, and maybe I’ll roll them up again come spring or summer.  In the fall I need to where them with boots, so I unrolled them. The holes that were present in the first pair were much less pronounced in this pair.  There were only a few little details in the pockets, and I can live with that.  Specially when I look at the receipt and realize that if I get everything, I’m pretty much getting these jeans for free.  You keep everything in the fix, and they give you at 25% discount. I’ve been getting Stitch Fix for a year, and I’ve never kept everything before!! Verdict: Kept


So, for the first time ever I kept everything!! Things I’ve learned, keep your stylist up to date on your pinterest board.  They do check! Make sure you tell them detailed what you like and what you don’t.  They do listen!


 Something to know: I am not being paid for this post, I just really enjoy Stitch Fix. I think it would be great for any of my readers who don’t have time to shop, or people like me who can’t get past jeans and a t-shirt. If you sign up for stitch fix using one of the links I provided in this post it helps me earn Stitch Fix credits towards my next fix.  You can earn them too once you sign up for your first fix. You can help support my clothes habit by clicking here. Thanks!!


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