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I was so excited after my first fix to try Stitch Fix again. I had a couple girl friends over the day after Thanksgiving when my box arrived. How fun it was to introduce them to Stitch Fix and try on the clothes and get their opinions too.  I really liked just about everything I got in this fix.  I almost kept everything.

So, before I go any further let me give you a run down of what Stitch Fix is. Stitchfix is an online styling service. You get your own personal stylist who handpicks a “fix” for you with five items. You get either clothing or accessories that are unique to your budget, and tastes. You’ll get three days to decide if you’re going to keep anything from your fix. The styling fee is $20 and that goes towards any purchase you end up making. If you  buy all 5 you get 25% off the entire order. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s so fun.  You can sign up to get fixes whenever you want, or get them sent to you monthly, even bi-weekly. It’s perfect for a busy mom like me who has no time to shop for clothes. You can learn more about signing up for your first fix here!

So here’s a rundown of what I received this month.




Aliyah Fold Over Vegan Leather Satchel $48

They sent me another bag that again I really struggled with.  I liked the size, and the style but it’s RED.  Like, fire engine red! I have nothing like this, and have never owned a red bag before. That also made me wonder, would it sit in my closet unused because it’s not really my style. There were other factors that laid into this decision, but in the end I decided to send it back. Verdict: Returned




Berneen Diamond Print Knit Dolman Top $58

I loved this top from the start.  The print was not too loud, and the colors were great.  I love a Dolman style top.  I had to look up exactly what a dolman style was.  Basically it’s a ruched bottom with a lose fitting top.  I thought this top was very flattering for my postpartum nursing momma figure. I hope to get lots of wear out of it this winter.  Verdict: Kept.




Moni Abstract Chevron Stud Detail Blouse $58

When I pulled this out of the box my girlfriends all disapproved.  The print, the buttons, something about it all wasn’t right.  I was determined though to give this top a chance so I tried it on.  Well, I tried to.  This nursing momma, well, I’m nursing.  My gals are large and in charge. I need a top with give in the chest area and this top had no give.  It’s too bad too, because look how cute they go with the purse and the pants. Had that shirt fit, I probably would have kept everything. The pattern grew on me, and it would have been cheaper to take the 25% discount and keep it all then to just send the purse back alone.  I put it all together in the picture above just to see what it would all look like together.  That purse really pops!  Too bad.  Verdict: Returned



Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan $68 – Dark Green

When I saw this cardigan was going to be included in my fix I scoured the internet looking to see what it was.  I was so excited and nervous because it comes in so many different colors. I didn’t want coral, or pink, or anything bright.  So glad I marked exactly what I liked on my style card because this dark green is SO lovely.  I can’t decide if I like it zipped up just yet, but this cardigan open is super cute. It’s getting a little too cold to where it as a light jacket, but I can where it around the house on cold days or under a coat. Best part washes up nicely.  Before I could get the tags off, little man spit up on it.  Verdict: Kept


Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant $68

Now for those super cute corduroy’s in the picture.  Last month they sent me a cute pair of trousers that fit me everywhere but the waist.  I mentioned that because I recently had a baby that I need some give in the waste without the rest of the pants being so baggy.  Well, they really listened when they sent these.  They fit me like a glove, and were so comfortable.  I love wearing them! They are a bit on the pricey side, but I figure they’ll get some really good use this winter. Verdict: Kept


3 out of 5 again!  I would have kept all 5 this round I think if the studded top fit better. I really liked the stylist this time, she threw in some bold things (like that purse!).  I really would have gone for it if I could have done all 5.  I’m really hoping next month is one where I can keep all 5. Next week I get to go to my husband’s company holiday party in that awesome skirt from my first fix.  I’m so glad I didn’t have to stress this year by going shopping for dresses.  I don’t think I would have ever found something as lovely to go in. 

 If you want to try Stitch Fix, I totally recommend it.  You can fill out your style profile and sign up for your first Fix here.

 Something to know: I am not being paid for this post, I just really enjoy Stitch Fix. I think it would be great for any of my readers who don’t have time to shop, or people like me who can’t get past jeans and a t-shirt. If you sign up for stitch fix using one of the links I provided in this post it helps me earn Stitch Fix credits towards my next fix.  You can earn them too once you sign up for your first fix. You can help support my clothes habit by clicking here. Thanks!!


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  1. Priscilla Howell says:

    Great selection. Nice look on you!

  2. I really should try this

  3. […] that I’ve had a few fixes my stylist was able to pair the top with the cardigan I got from my last fix. I love that they took the time to check back with what I had. Verdict: […]

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