Easy Paleo Raspberry Jalapeño Vinaigrette

28 Jul

Last year I came up with this recipe after moving.  I was craving a cleaner diet after the stress of moving, and having a closed kitchen.  This year I’m revisiting it, black berries, wine berries, and red raspberries are all in season right now.  It’s so fun to just mix this up into your boring […]

The Big Announcement!

11 Jun

    I’ve been silent for quite a few months. For those who have been checking in with me, thank you.  I appreciate that people are curious to see if I’m ok.  I am ok.  I’m more than ok.  I’m hormonal, and our life has been changing in a big big way. We are thrilled […]

February Gift Card Giveaway

15 Feb

I really love doing giveaways, and this one by far is the one of the best I’ve ever done.  I’ve joined together with other bloggers to give one reader a BIG gift.  One lucky winner is going to get a $400 Amazon Gift Card! How to Enter for your Chance to Win: 1. Click here to […]

Easy Homemade Soda-Pop

20 Jan

A few weeks ago, I splurged on a treat. I bought some reputable, non-GMO, stevia sweetened soda. I genuinely thought I was making a responsible choice as a special treat since we aren’t really a soda drinking house. I bought a six pack…would be enough to have one with lunch all week long, and then […]

4 Easy ways to Reduce your Caffeine Intake

16 Jan

So, you need to reduce your caffeine intake. I will admit, this post is mostly for those expectant momma’s out there.  However,  there are many reasons why you may need to reduce your caffeine intake. Many women when they find out their pregnant cut caffeine completely, but recently studies have shown that that some caffeine consumption […]

Martin Luther King Day Teaching Resources

13 Jan

Martin Luther King Day is right around the corner, and I’ve tried to put together a collection of resources for multiple age groups for home schoolers and teachers alike. Both of my children love history, and the civil rights movement is something close to my heart. I have tried to provide resources here for children […]

January Giveaway – Canon Rebel

7 Jan

I love doing giveaways!! I’ve pooled together again with some awesome bloggers to host this awesome giveaway!  One lucky winner is going to win a Canon Rebel! How to Enter 1. Click here to check out the camera.  2. Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the photo below. 3. Leave a comment below, tell me […]

Roman History — A Study Guide pt. 2

5 Jan

  I’ve been working on putting together a Roman History study guide for my fifth grade son.  If you’re just finding this study guide for the first time, this is the second installment so you may want to Start Here.  This is a work in progress and I’m sharing my work with you.  My son […]

Homemade Organic Jelly with Cost Analysis

3 Jan

We do our best to stick to organic, and some times you just have to cut corners.  We have a tight food budget, specially after splurging a bit during the holidays.  I started making our own jelly a few years ago with a little cheat by using juice instead of fresh fruit.  You can pick […]

December Giveaway Winner!!

21 Dec

This month I held my first huge giveaway, a $400 Amazon gift card!  It’s time to announce that lucky winner, but first I wanted to thank my blogger friends who I collaborated with to give you all this awesome giveaway. Healy Real Food Vegetarian Butter Nutrition The Rising Spoon And Here We Are Life Sanity […]